Why You Should Attend the Africa Real Estate Summit on the 7th and 8th of October Instead of Other Social Events

By Just Itty Ltd 

Where would you rather be on the 7th and 8th of October, 2022? We invite you to attend the most anticipated summit in Africa – Africa Real Estate Summit!  The event, which falls on the first weekend in October, will be held at the Oriental Hotel on the 7th and at the Muson Centre on the 8th. Are you wondering why we are excited about this event and why no other social events are worth your time? Read on!

It’s Our Maiden Edition

We almost read your mind! (Not sure if this maiden edition will be grand). Permit us to tell you something: we have been planning for this event since 2021 and we are all set and ready to show the world how hard we have worked. Maiden edition events are a fruition of the thoughts of like-minded people who bring together stakeholders who support the same cause and who believe in the same project.

What is more? We will be encouraging those who will support us this year by offering them unlimited access to our newsletter. They will be receiving the latest news in the real estate industry and lots of discounts on the latest listed properties. They will also be able to partner with us during our next summit in 2023, which promises to be bigger.


Do You Love Networking?

We agree that social events create a healthy balance for your life outside of work, so consider this quote by author Porter Gale:  “Your network is your net worth.” We believe that to enable you to build useful professional connections, attending the Africa Real Estate Summit should be prioritised. Take a break from your music concert; turn down the movie premiere offer, and mark the 7th and 8th for this event.

The Greatest Investment is in Real Estate

We stepped out on the streets of Lagos to interview working class average/high income earners on what they consider to be the greatest investment of all time. Investment in real estate is the greatest – that was the verdict. If there is one thing we would love to enlighten you on,  it is nothing other than how to invest in real estate. We have put together masterclasses organised by industry leaders to provide you with all the tips you require on your journey to becoming stress-free, financially.

So, be the one to say no to the Friday brunch meeting; be the first to excuse yourself from attending the Saturday wedding ceremony. There is so much happening only at the Africa Real Estate Summit Awards and Expo. See you there!

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