3 Reasons Investors are Planning to Steal the Show at the Africa Real Estate Summit

But why investors and not the business owners? It is because they are the ones with the big bucks!

So how important are investors to businesses? As we all know, they are very important. Investors, from the outset, play a very vital role in the success and growth of businesses. From funding, to coaching/mentorships, and moral support, investors are by the day helping start-ups and business owners achieve their organisational goals.

Don’t we all need investors? I guess we do! That is why we are proud to say that investors will “steal” the show at the Africa Real Estate Summit and we believe this is also why, as at the last count, over 2300 participants have already registered for this event. A lot of people want to meet with investors, so buckle up!

Let’s highlight three reasons you need investors.

The Land Is Greener on This Side

You should already know the value investors bring. Talk about bringing something to the table, they are the ones with so much to bring to the table. Investors will help you overcome the financial obstacles that your business faces; offer moral support and guidance on how to run your business successfully.

Their Money Grows Like Grass

Do you really expect anything less from investors? Some of them have been building wealth and compounding from a young age that’s why they are where they are now – with so much money. This means these investors have earned good returns on their investments from multiple partnerships with business owners. What does this translate into for you? You are less likely to get harassed over immediate payments on investments. But we strongly advise that you maintain strong investor relations with your investors as this helps them build trust in you and can spur them up to re-invest.

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Investors Are Attending the Africa Real Estate Summit to Find You

Everyone has a purpose for attending events: just like you do. These investors will be at the summit to seek out new real estate business opportunities to invest in. They will be on the lookout for smart, positive-driven CEOs, realtors and real estate development firms with promising packages.

As a participant, what plans do you have to win over these categories of stakeholders and lure them to invest in your business?

A few tips below:

Be confident: When approaching an investor or anyone for that matter, your confidence is the first force that attracts them to you. It shows that you believe in your business and can be trusted.
Communicate and communicate truthfully: Investors are people who did not get to where they are today by being ignorant about people, so they can tell when something seems fishy. Communicate details about yourself, your company and your company’s future plans truthfully to the investors. We even suggest that you give your company brochure to development firms and brokerages, or a business plan for individual realtors.
How juicy is your package? We have to ask because everyone out there is looking for the “extraordinary.” Lure them in by offering them enticing deals they will find difficult to resist or cannot get anywhere else.

Until we meet at the summit on the 7th and 8th, please keep these tips close to heart. See you there!

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